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We provide cyber security consulting services to deliver independent assessment, skilled guidance and experienced resources to enhance our clients ability to meet company/organization security program objectives, reduce risk, and comply with regulatory requirements.

Our security consultants are experienced cyber security professionals who work with clients to design and implement cyber security strategies, assess technical controls, identify vulnerabilities, support compliance initiatives, and make recommendations to improve efficiency.

Contact us to discuss your cyber security needs and challenges. We will follow-up with you to discuss the services that we offer and can prepare a proposal with a scope of work and deliverables that will benefit your organization. 

     Risk Assessment

Determine your cyber security risk profile - high, moderate, or low risk - based on cyber security threats, their probability of occurrence, and their impact on your company or organization.  A risk assessment report that includes recommendations is prepared. 


        Services include:

  • A Risk Assessment is performed that identifies areas in the information technology environment that are at risk and a report is prepared.  


The Risk Assessment allows organizations to assess, identify and modify their overall security posture and to enable security, operations, organizational management and other personnel to collaborate and view the entire organization from an attacker’s perspective. This process is required to obtain organizational management’s commitment to allocate resources and implement appropriate security solutions.

     Cyber Security Architecture

Prepare a base-line diagram of your computer systems and network and make recommendations to enhance the security associated with applications, databases, and connecting devices. A review of cloud services, business continuity plans, and critical incident response plans are included. 


         Services include:

  • Subject Matter Expert interviews and information gathering to help in ascertaining level of Information Security already implemented.

  • Review of Minimum Security Baselines, Policies, Standards, and Procedures.

  • Back-up and Recovery Plan and Critical Incident Response Plan review and associated Recommendation Report.

  • Preparation of computer systems and network diagram.

  • Development of information security Policies, Standards, and Procedures for distribution to organization.

  • Preparation of Security Architecture Blueprint.

        Systems Defense and                      Diagnostic Testing

Diagnostic testing of your computer system, Wi-Fi and wireless networks, and web applications using cyber security software and tool-kits to uncover vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit thereby compromising your applications and data. 




       Services include:

  • Network/Infrastructure Security Controls Testing

  • External Penetration Assessment

  • Internal Penetration Assessment

  • Internal Vulnerability Scanning

  • Wireless Security Assessment

  • Application Security Controls Testing

  • Application Penetration Assessment

  • Application Vulnerability Assessment

  • Mobile Application Penetration Assessment

  • Server/Workstation Penetration Assessment – Hardening Review

  • Red Team Assessment  - Multi-Vector Attack Simulation

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