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Cyber Protection Solutions, provides cyber security consulting services that deliver independent assessment, skilled guidance and experienced resources to enhance our clients ability to meet company/organization/school district security program objectives, reduce risk, and comply with regulatory requirements.

In particular, the k-12 public school systems and associated school districts face a unique challenge in terms of cyber risk. Not only do they possess a wealth of sensitive information, such as health records of students and staff; academic records; governmental records; financial records and more, they also have two types of threats “insider threats” and "external threats".

Our security consultants are experienced cyber security professionals who work with clients to identify risk, design and implement cyber security strategies, assess technical controls, identify vulnerabilities, support compliance initiatives, and make recommendations to improve efficiency.

The CEO of Cyber Protection Services, Edward Moskal, has worked in the information technology industry for 25 years and in academia for 18 years.

Edward received his undergraduate degree from Saint Peter's University and his graduate degrees from the University of Notre Dame and Stevens Institute of Technology.

Edward's most recent position in industry was with Ernst & Young, LLP, where he led the New York Office Application Controls and Security Consulting Practice. He has performed risk assessments, security architecture reviews, network diagnostic tests, application control reviews, and information technology audits for over 50 companies in the metropolitan-New York area. 

Highlights of his work at Ernst & Young, LLP, include conducting a risk assessment for the New York Stock Exchange trading floor and back-office systems, designing and implementing a global security architecture for American Express, and designing the security architecture and computer system controls for the MTA E-ZPass system.

In academia, at Saint Peter's University, where Edward currently works, he teaches cyber security and digital forensics courses to graduate and undergraduate students. He has been Chair of the Department of Computer Science and is the Founding Director of the M.S. in Cyber Security Program and University Cyber Security Center where he has an internship program, which is a training ground for the University "Cyber Warriors". These "Cyber Warriors" get dispatched and deployed to help the University community and local businesses to recovery from cyber-attacks. 


        Edward Moskal

       Founder and CEO

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